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Old, senile constitution "just not with it any more"

Old, senile constitution
Old, senile constitution "just not with it any more"

That's the new meme on the left. Old, senile grandma constitution is "just not with it any more". She was good back in her day, but it's time to put the old dear to sleep.

So saith King Obama in his second crowning, saying of the contitution that he and his ilk intend to "bridge the meaning of those words with the realities of our time."

As disgusting as that statement is when applied to the second amendment, don't think that it was intended to stop there.

The left are currently saying the same thing about the first amendment. They're saying it wasn't intended for the "digital echo chamber" where "the most extreme voice is heard loudest".

Be sure to understand, there is no limit on the renewed assault on the constitution that Obama launched on Sunday.

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5:24 AM, Friday 25th January, 2013Constitution

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