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TKPTS Exclusive: VP Discusses Obama Chia Pet

Vice President Biden may not approve of Obama's war strategy in Libya, but that clearly hasn't damped his enthusiasm for his immediate superior's likeness.

Sales of Chia Pets, once considered a strange hobby, have been given a huge boost by the recent revelations that Mr. Biden owns an Obama Chia Pet. "It makes life a little calmer, you know?" the veep shared. "It's like, I just run my fingers through this fuzzy green stuff, and suddenly, I have no worries."

Vice President Biden with his Obama Chia Pet

The Vice President demonstrates his horticultural prowess

Asked if he worried people might find his hobby a little odd, Biden seemed unfazed. "I don't care what anyone thinks." he imparted. "I like who I am. Besides, you don't force through legislation that 70% of people hate if you really want a 2nd term! Have you seen the gas prices?" There must have been an emergency, because at this point, a gentleman in dark glasses pinched Mr. Biden hard on his arm, ending our interview. But if sales are anything to go by, Joe is right. Since announcing his preference for the horticultural statues, sales of Chia Pets have risen almost 40%, and sales of the president's Chia visage have nearly doubled.

Shares in Joseph Enterprises (DJIA: APRL), the gadget company which licenses the Chia Pet brand, were up more than 2% in early trade.

7:37 AM, Friday 1st April, 2011Humor

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